Bio Active Night Serum

Bio Active Night Serum

A  beautiful lucious Night creme  with 100 % Active ingredients 
packed full of omegas - protiens - anti-oxidents essential for cellular repair
This Night creme is suitiable for ages 36 to 65 when hydration is needed and collagen is decreasing
it is Highley regenerating assisting to maintain cellular integrity - is to be used only twice a year to achive the best result use with the "Intro Spa pack . Use : at night after cleansing 3 month treatment . use sparingly .
contains :Azulene ,Rosehip-Sweet Almond oil-Evening primrose - borage- French Alpine Lavender -Calendular -Carrot Oil - Grapefruitseed extract- " Bio Blend no 5 tm"
please note Jars may change in look for promotions not size - 30gm Jar

    Capture Your Beauty Naturally 

    Advanced formulations using ancient secret activation processes

    - releasing the molecular life force of selected plant botanicals,

    minerals & vitamins

    resulting in deepest skin renewal