from a dream to reality...       


Founded in  the year 2000 

The  Alchemy of Beauty 


Earth's Answer was officially Founded/registered in 2000 significantly at a time of great change upon our planet.

"I love formulating and seeing the AWESOME results our clients always get Naturally &  I LOVE our planet and it's Animals more that's why Earth's Answer was Born to find a Way to bring earth's gift to people and generate income to then give back to the earth it must be a synergy in all things, I've devoted my life to  Animal rescue -rehabilitation and planet preservation now going over 30 years of research & Development in Body & Dermal Regeneration and Rejuvenation in the beauty industry.

changing the face of the industry


we are leading the way in environmental choices for skin & body care both in our Exclusive Treatments and products.

Our Clients return Earth's Answer empty Face creme  Glass Jars & they are cleaned and then sent to be filled with 100%Soy Scented Candles. These Candles are then sold 100% percent of the profits ARE used for WILDLIFE & PLANET PRESERVATION 

You Can Make a difference every day 

- Leave water out for Wildlife 

- stop buying products packaged in PLASTIC 

- practice Compassion towards All Beings.

We must seek to find a balance a harmony to protect our planet - Animals - our children yet to be born ".

The driving force behind us 

Earth's Answer  along with our Clinics Body Soul Emporium is the  First to the Walk with Walk Our  ORGANIC Day Spa & Organic Beauty Body Store to offer refill & Jar return

options for our products-

To Exclusive  Treatments

Along with Earth's Answer  

  synonymous with -Animal & Planet preservation  aligning with local and global

  organizations to increase global awareness of Animal environmental conservation.

Now more than ever this must be at the forefront of the entire human race.

​OUR FOUNDER  Marie Lewin 


Marie Jane a leader and visionary an Alchemist in formulating "BIOPrograms " for cellular repair & regeneration had been developing natural products for all beings -already over 40 years " I have always since a child been mixing formulating encouraged by a family who was always into organic alternatives. Rescuing and treating wounded animals.

Studying everything from the Esoteric, Epigenetics, Nanotechnology Herbology, Cosmetology. Thalassotherapy, Ancient Clay Therapy -to Molecular Genetics.

Even as a young child  I was experimenting with mud, making extracts from fruits .plants, etc. I sold my first cream when I was 8 years old - it was a Cucumber and papaya foot creme and yes it worked!

"Bio Programs " Organic blends that regenerate repair and revitalize -

Unique in our world the most advanced in Organic formulations in the World!

I am my best advertisement I'm a and my skin is awesome!

I always get asked my age people always think I'm in my early to mid 30's it's not just how I look it's how I feel and how our clients look and feel we all have a beautiful radiance - healthy - glow -  that just gets better and better.

I refuse to compromise on quality or our values in order to make an extra dollar -

We could charge 5 times what we do for each product it has easily 10 times more product in it (actives) but it needs to be affordable to our customers that use and love it.


Our products contain a MULTITUDE of active ingredients that yield extraordinary results by nourishing, revitalizing and Strengthening the skin.

The ingredients are selected for the benefits they bring to the skin or for their ability to enhance the product.

Our founder was making "Organic Shampoos  & body care Products 30 years ago- the industry was not ready for 

We put MORE Actives in our products than any other company as our knowledge is far advanced  (or ancient  would be more accurate )

We are also the only company that formulates in response to seasonal-  needs of the skin & body.




I am constantly surprised & delighted by the amazing results of our skincare products -

our clients biggest compliment is  

They are going without make-up for the first time in their life! 

That's a big call -

If you have the right program Your skin should be hydrated & Flawless 

and I truly believe from the thousands of people I treated in our clinics -that only Earth's Answer products will achieve the results.

We were told for years that we were crazy and it was cost prohibitive to put so much product and ingredients in our formulas  most products have around .

3 % of actual actives  the rest is just useless fillers that can cause irritations and make your skin worse

-this is why you don't get the result - it's  like a band-aid on a bullet wound effect - I will not substitute for a inferior cheaper product ingredients -for the sake of extra $$

All my clients have beautiful Flawless skin and 10-15 years younger 

Our products/ programs are 100% active

Any Body Any Age  made  with time patience & love .